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Special Events

Film Night

The next film night is Feb 17th @ 7PM with the movie Jeffery.

“Jeffrey (Steven Weber), a gay man living in New York City with an overwhelming fear of contracting AIDS, concludes that being celibate is the only option to protect himself. As fate would have it, shortly after his declaration of a sex-free existence, he meets the handsome Steve Howard (Michael T. Weiss), his dream man -- except for his HIV-positive status.Facing this dilemma, Jeffrey turns to his best friend (Patrick Stewart) and an outrageous priest (Nathan Lane) for guidance.”

Holiday Film Night

The movie this month is “Home for the Holidays”.
Here is a brief description: Jodie Foster makes her second outing as a director an ensemble dramedy about an out-of-work single mother (Holly Hunter) who heads home for Thanksgiving to see her eccentric family (mom and dad are Anne Bancroft and Charles Durning, while her gay brother, Robert Downey Jr., steals the film). One of the best bickering family films ever made, and proof Foster really should direct more often.