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Thu, 08/27/2015

IDU Outreach Update

Hello Community Partners;

In our efforts to maximize outreach hours to community members who inject or inhale substances RHAC will be adjusting the hours of our van delivery and needle recovery service.

As of Tues Sept 8, 2015 Counterpoint, IDU Outreach will adjust to the following:

Mon 1:30 – 9pm
Tues 1:30 – 9pm
Wed – internal agency commitments
Thurs 1:30 – 9pm
Fri 10:30 – 6pm

Mike McGregor is our IDU Outreach staff person and he can be reached at 519-851-3548.

Mon, 08/24/2015

Gay Guy's Film Night

Absolutely Positive- Men and women of different races, ages and backgrounds talk about their lives as HIV-positive people. The 11 interviewees are at different stages of the disease and are coping with their illnesses in different ways, but all have in common a frankness about their condition and a determination to live their lives in a meaningful way. They discuss how they contracted the virus, their tumultuous emotions upon learning of their diagnosis and the impact of the disease on their close relationships.