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RHAC at Sunfest

RHAC will be at Sunfest from July 5th to July 8th!

Knowledge is power, and RHAC couldn’t be more excited to share the powerful theme of ‘knowledge’ at this year’s Sunfest festival. This year’s theme will recognize and promote important advances in the prevention and treatment of HIV, from PrEP to U=U. Come visit our booth during Sunfest to learn more and celebrate health and wellness in our community. We can’t wait to see you!


Thu, 07/05/2018



Sunfest London will be happening Thursday, July 5th - Sunday, July 8th.

RHAC will be at Sunfest raising awareness about PrEP and U=U. Come find our booth!

If you are interested in volunteering, contact our Volunteer Service Coordinator Fran McKweon at or 519.434.1601 ext. 252.


PHA Picnic

The PHA Picnic will be taking place on Friday, June 22nd from 12-4 pm! In addition to BBQ and refreshments, there will be games, prizes and fun for all.

To RSVP, email Rob at or call 519-434-1601 ext. 253! Please RSVP for the location.
See you there!



Open Closet


Open Closet is a social support group for LGBT2Q+ (lesbian, gay, bi, trans, 2-spirit, queer) youth between 14 and 18 years of age. The group started in early 2002 and has served more than 1,100 youth since its inception. OC is open to youth from each of the six counties RHAC serves - Perth, Huron, Lambton, Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford.

Couch Crew

Come out and make a difference while meeting some great people by volunteering at Couch Crew. Drop in and help package harm reduction supplies in the community room and be a part of harm reduction!

Couch Crew meets every Monday and Wednesday at 1pm at RHAC.

For more information contact Fran McKeown at 519-434-1601 ext. 252 or email

PrEP Clinic Launch

Location: RHAC Boardroom #30-186 King St, London ON

RHAC is launching a new clinic at 186 King Street to prescribe PrEP: the HIV prevention drug! PrEP is a medication that one can take daily to prevent HIV. PrEP is highly effective when used consistently and correctly. We are happy to announce a partnership with SpecialtyRx to be able to offer this to the community, with a nurse practitioner who will be accepting clients twice a month as of June. 

Fri, 06/01/2018

Mindfulness for Gay/Bi/Trans/2S/Queer Guys

Mindfulness meditation is a stress reduction technique that has been studied to help with anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Minority stress is a unique experience that oppressed peoples, such as queer and transfolk, carry the burden of, and mindfulness can assist in the development of resilience. We will also explore the concept of self-compassion, which is a method of developing a kind awareness in the face of difficulties, increasing emotional resilience and allowing us to be present for life’s challenges.